Sunday, 10 July 2011

War And Peace Vol 3 Pt. 1

I am now up to Part II of Volume 3 of War & Peace. Since my last report we have mostly been in the realm of peace, although an emotionally turbulent peace for some. There has been the odd foray into war, and things are now heading inexorably in that direction.

It's now War 4-5 Peace. A high scoring game, I fully expect this one to go to extra time. After a bit of a battering from Peace with a goal on the counter by war. Peace are tiring from there efforts and war are pushing in the midfield.

We are definitely at DEFCON4, Napoleon having invaded the Polish territories, moving rapidly towards DEFCON5. We may have made it as far as DEFCON1 at the most peaceful moments with everyone back from the army, but those days are past.

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