Sunday, 1 March 2009

March of time

New additions pictured above are a set of Phil Taylor World Champion 24g 90%W, these were on a special deal at A180 darts. They appear to be new-old-stock from around the millenium (copyright on the card said 2000). They do seem to be somewhat purist-like with the short plain section at the end of the barrell, but with the black/tungsten colour scheme of the world champion darts.
Next to these are John Part Hero Golden 24g 95%W. These are a superb dart with a little more grip than the John Part World Champion Golden darts due to the 'Taylor' grip and slimmer thanks to the slightly higher tungsten content. A very nice dart that may usurp the John Part Golden World Champion 23g in my affections, but still has a way to go.