Monday, 25 February 2008

More new darts

Another couple of additions to the collection.
I saw some 23g Unicorn Terry Jenkins on eBay, and I don't have any completely smooth darts so I though why not... Surprisingly no issues with grip, but I haven't tried with particularly sweaty hands...
And just for the hell of it, I got a set of 12g darts with a shark grip to them. Also got some mini flights which seemed like they would suit these darts aesthetically better than full size ones. Fairly easily throwable, but I don't think I will be using them as my primary darts...

Friday, 15 February 2008



My first 180... I assumed I was going to do my usual after the first two went in and hit the single... or the one...
Then I lobbed it (the one at the top). Couldn't see where it had landed until I got up close.. Still couldn't quite believe it... (Phil Taylor Purist Golden, Medium Gripper Shafts, Normal Flights for those who care about such things)

Saturday, 9 February 2008

The Pedalboard Returns

Moving on from darts to guitars this errr... 'episode'. After running out of space on my pedalboard: (The ring modulator gave way to an EVH flanger...)
I decided a revamp was in order. So I ordered in some speaker cabinet covering to cover the wood, some more handles, and dug out the piece of wood I had used for a smaller previous pedalboard. So with staples and glue I attached the carpet-like stuff, then screwed the handles on. It then transpired the velcro on my pedals was of the wrong gender, so I had to redo all the veldro. I then knocked together a few george l's and away we went.
The signal path is the same as before, with the boss line selector in the loop of the noise suppressor, and then the overdrives in loop A, and everything else in loop B. The main board pedals are all powered by a one spot with daisy chains except the MXR EVH Flanger which uses an 18v PSU. I also got around to drilling four holes in the main board so that the crybaby will sit down on the board itself. The smaller board is powered by the power bank PSU except the Crossroads pedal which has its own dedicated supply, it is raised up on some little adjustable furniture feet I got from the local Homebase and all the PSUs and gubbins are underneath there. The signal path on the smaller board runs from right to left (UFO, TU2, Robot, Little Alligator, Crossroads) and then goes to the main board. The only other change is I drilled a small hole in the ring modulator so I could run an adaptor to the battery connection and run it from the power bank. The main output goes to the Marshall DSL-201, with the stereo out of the Chorus going to the Marshall g15RCD. The carpet isn't quite as grippy as the straight velcro was, but it certainly looks a lot better and is grippy enough enough that the velcro tends to unstick from the pedal rather than the carpet...