Wednesday, 30 January 2008

23g Copper Tungsten

My 23g Copper Tungsten darts arrived from eBay this morning. Having given them a bit of a throw I can say they certainly do feel a bit different. A worthy addition to the collection I think. And top marks to the seller for including copper coloured bubble shafts and copper metallic flights...

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Unicorn Sigma Pro and a new board.

A couple of things arrived in the post this morning...
First, a set of Unicorn Sigma Pro 23g 97% Tungsten darts, leaving aside claims of aerodynamic superiority this is a good looking set of darts. The ringed barrels are some of the grippiest ringed barrels I have used, the weight of the darts is etched onto the front of the barrel next to the Unicorn logo, and at the back of the barrel next to the sigma logo is a serial number. Nice touches. The stems seem the same as medium slick sticks, except they are marked as titanium. The flights certainly look a bit different to most, sort of a sharpened kite shape, but seem to work fine. In the set you get two sets of the sigma pro flights, as well as a set of Sigma One shafts and two sets of Sigma One flights. Worthy of mention here is the quality of the packaging. The darts come in an attractive, relatively compact box, out of which slides the Sigma branded leather case (a deluxe version of the Unicorn Midi Case apparently). Inside the case are the three barrels with shafts with the other accessories in the pockets of the case. Also in there is a little certificate with the serial number and weight of the darts on it. Certainly a cut above the usual packaging of darts.
As to how the darts throw I am so far quite impressed, the barrels as mentioned are quite grippy but also seem to allow various different holding positions effectively. Further comment will have to wait until I have used them a bit more.
Downsides are the shafts loosening from the barrels easily, although I sorted this with o-rings. I also have irrational concerns over galling with the titanium shafts, which I doubt will be a problem with darts, but would be a scunner none the less...
Also new on the block is a Nodor Supamatch board. Although I am not quite ready to retire my Nodor Supabull II for various reasons it proved advantageous to buy a new board now. As to why I chose a Nodor.... well I like to be different, and have been happy with my Supabull II.
Bye for now

Sunday, 27 January 2008


Hello Chaps. I am a man of many interests. Amongst which is darts, not much of a player, but I have accumulated a few sets of darts so I thought I would stick some pictures up. Some of them are a bit out of focus but you'll get the idea...

Andy Fordham
1: Datadart Andy Fordham Vikings 19g
2: Winmau Andy Fordham Viking Raiders 1 22g
3: Winmau Andy Fordham Viking Raiders 2 25g

1: Unicorn t90/CC660 25g
2: Unicorn Sting 80% Tungsten 21g

Phil Taylor Darts
1: Unicorn Phil Taylor Purist Golden 24g
2: Unicorn Phil Taylor Purist (Scalloped) 24g

Harrows Mini Darts
I can hit the board with these, but have rather limited control of direction...

I might describe these as my 'Barney' darts:
1: McKicks Alan Glazier Shark Machine 80% Tungsten 25g
2: Hi Tec The Vice 85% Tungsten 23g
3: Grand Slam Triple B Ghost Grip 24g
4: Datadart Triple B 25g

These are my Bobby George Signature Darts
1: B&W Bobby George Stubby 80% Tungsten 24g
2: B&W Bobby George Silver Bobby 10% Silver 24g

1: Winmau Dennis Priestley Menace 1 15g
2: Harrows Eric Bristow 22g

Some Harrows darts
1: Harrows Boxer knurled 21g
2: Harrows Boxer 24g
3: Harrows Magnum 97% Tungsten 23g

John Part Signature Darts
1: B&W John Part 95% Tungsten 23g
2: Unicorn World Champion John Part Golden 23g
3: B&W John Part 22g
4: B&W John Part 21g Gold Coated

Bye for now

Thursday, 17 January 2008

A New Dawn

So. Having failed utterly to regain access to my old blog, I have resorted to starting a new one. Here is a link to the old one, for the stuff that is there.

Anyhoo, it is now January of 2008. The Olympics are steaming over the Horizon, and the Track Cycling World championships in Manchester are positively looming overhead. My tickets have arrived, my hotel is booked.... Yay!!!